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If you want to make your own card game

This site seems like the place to get it done: These folks are the creators of “Cards Against Humanity” and to boot, the site looks cool.

Cool terminal app

Sometimes I run really long tasks in I sometimes wait. I sometimes go somewhere else and forgot that it was running. It would be so cool to have use Notifications to let me know that it is done. Well. Thankfully, someone has done just that and it can be downloaded via homebrew. To […]

Perforce DVCS and iCloud Drive

I use Perforce DVCS for almost all of my projects: it’s a great new feature for p4, and I use it on a daily basis, given, I usually away from my home server. Now, there is one DVCS instance I use, which happens to be on my iCloud Drive folder. That seemed to work well […]

A quick word on modern BASH

Here’s a page that has some useful tips for modern BASH scripting:

Building OpenCV as a macOS Universal Intel Binary

So, for my project, I needed an Intel Universal build of the OpenCV library. The copy of the OpenCV source I have on my machine is version 3.0.0 and it has worked well for me, so I’ll start with that. My build machine is running macOS 10.12 and has Xcode 8 installed on it. OpenCV […]

Creating a remote from an already existing depo

Today, I created a remote depo, so that I can use the DVCS functionality in P4 with one of my projects. First, I connected to my perforce server and typed: $p4 remotes To see all of the remotes that were on the server. Before doing this command you have to type: $p4 login Which thankfully, […]

How to install Perforce DVCS

Introduction For 9 years now, I’ve used Perforce; before that, it was MKD, Subversion, VisualSourceSafe, CVS and a few others. In the past year, I used Git. One cool thing that Git has that Perforce didn’t have was being able to save your changes while not being connected to a central server. However, Perforce recently […]

Haversine formula now on GitHub

The C implementation of the Haversine formula I ported from Javascript is now hosted on GitHub. The project from this website is now up on GitHub for anyone to view. I also plan to do some updates to the code since C++14 has been out and has a lot of good features to add.

Using P4Plugin with Jenkins to publish assets

I was previously using the Perforce Plugin in Jenkins to handle my tasks with Perforce, including adding files that needed to be released from a build, but in the past year, I’ve experienced some weirdness that lead me to evaluate the P4Plugin by Perforce. All of the weirdness that I saw in the prior plugin […]

When you have Jira and Confluence running on the same server …

You have to change the Context path for each app to be in a different directory. That is one option, which is listed on If you don’t set this option, you may be logged out of one Atlassian product when you go to log into the other.