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When you have Jira and Confluence running on the same server …

You have to change the Context path for each app to be in a different directory. That is one option, which is listed on If you don’t set this option, you may be logged out of one Atlassian product when you go to log into the other.

Spaces, where are you?

I took me long enough to figure out how to do this, but MacLife on has it all spelled out.

Goodbye old friend

Last night I put a HP 5MP printer on my curb. My town now has curb-side e-cycling pickup service, which means not having to drive down to some parking field and waiting on a really long line to get rid of some old computer stuff… When I looked at that printer, it reminded me of […]

Two useful programs

Thanks to my co-worker for pointing out these very useful items: Readability: Reeder:

Vacation time

For those who are wondering, I’m taking a break from blogging. I’m resuming next Monday with new and exciting posts! Actually, they are exciting if your into the same stuff that I am 🙂 See you next week!

A moment of reflection

A while ago I joined the facebook network. When I started to fill the part about me in the profile section, it reminded me of something that started out a while ago. Finding Programming Zen A while ago, I worked for the marketing and research company, NPD. While I was there, I met some interesting […]

KVM, MacOSX and Windows

Windows Vista doesn’t play well with KVM’s when your screensaver locks out your computer and it’s not the currently selected computer…

Cleaning house

Today I am actually taking time to clean the house. And with that, I traded in my Xbox 360 games. I finally bought myself a PS3 and I … Love … It! The only games I have left for the Xbox is Halo and Gears of War. The only reason why I haven’t sold off […]

It’s all in the scene

Seagull Originally uploaded by Click Clack MA This amateur photographer does great work with his Nikon D40. Looking over his shots you can tell that he definitely has a knack for taking great shots.

Jaime and the SPR

Jaime and the SPR Originally uploaded by 762×51 This is one hell of a rifle and it would be perfect if it had a Nikon Monarch X rifle scope mounted on it 🙂