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If you want to make your own card game

This site seems like the place to get it done: These folks are the creators of “Cards Against Humanity” and to boot, the site looks cool.

Using your iPad as a game controller

Firemint made an awesome racing game for the iPad, but that’s not all! With this game and an Apple TV, you can actually turn the iPad into a game controller and watch the gameplay on your HD TV! Ubber freaking cool! Guide to setting up airplay and party play for Real Racing 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Oh. My. God. I. Can’t. Wait.

Midway games out of business

Wow, I am out of touch with the gaming community. I was on the MidwayUSA site and my wife asked me if it was the video game company. No, I said, but then when I pulled up the info on Wikipedia ( ), I was surprised to see that they had filed for bankruptcy. […]

Time to get Bulletstorm

Bungie + Activision = Kick Ass MMO!

Ah hah! I knew these guys were up to something when they signed an exclusive deal with Activision, which is part of Blizzard… you know, the guys that make the marriage-destroying game known as World of Warcraft!