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When was the last time you gave the Internet a great big hug? Seriously. Think about it… you love the Internet 🙂

LLVM + Visual Studio = :)

What!? LLVM is available for Visual Studio?

Hey, look what I found!

I found this site by accident, sporting the stylish Visual C++ 6 logo: It is pretty funny to read the tutorial on multithreading, given how new it was back then to a lot of developers and today, it’s becoming the new norm:


A while ago I blogged about WebGL. There are some really cool implementations of this technology at, with a really cool demo of a water simulation and a cute video game. Thanks to for blogging about this!

3D Printer! What?!

This is really something! I did not think that this was even possible. A really good presentation is given by… a kid… about why he loves his 3D printer: Some of the really cools things that are made with 3D printers can be viewed at:

Xcode 4

Xcode 4 has a lot of cool new features. One of my favorites is it’s ability to tell you when you introduced a bug in your code; the feature is similar to a spell check found in a word processor. Usually, these cool tools are only available for Objective-C, but because of LLVM, this feature […]

Adobe Scripting Additions

I’ve been getting warning messages in my Console log stating the “Adobe Unit Types.osax” has deprecated functions. Then, when I starting scripting Xcode with AppleScript, I’ve been getting a bunch of errors about the above listed library. Well, Adobe had something to say about that:

Apple announces iCloud

Apple announced the iCloud service and for someone like me, this is a great service. For a while, I have been battling with the problem of having access to common data on multiple computers, whether that be documents, calendaring information, or other documents from multiple computers. Having access to that data without having to rely […]

I don’t get enough sleep, thanks to git

I don’t know why I do such things. I didn’t go to bed till midnight cause I was checking out git 😉 I installed git on my Mac, which was rather easy using the installer, and started to play with it. I’m actually curious to see how this will work for me, compared to Perforce […]

Dead Island

I hope the game is as good as the trailer… and if it is, I’m looking forward to it: