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When was the last time you gave the Internet a great big hug? Seriously. Think about it… you love the Internet 🙂

How not to design a video game

This is a very funny video on how a video game should not be implemented:

Star Wars, played by a floppy drive

Thanks to Raymon Chen for posting this link on his blog: Star Wars Theme Song

Ninja Glock

Thanks to for sharing this video:

Hey bike fans, get Dirty!

Check out the page at:

Apple’s newest product

Thanks to my co-worker for showing me this video: Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Voter turn out versus Antarctica

I was looking at voter turnout from the earliest election to today and looking at the data graphed in Excel reminded me of Antarctica. Here is the graph: And here is Antarctica:

Used high school girls’ panties

Yup. This one is surely an interesting read: Everyday differences between Japan and the U.S.

Killer bunnies

I thought this was a little far fetched when I read the description on, but the video was actually really good.

Oh yeah, you gotta love PC’s