What is a power of two image?


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Ok, here was something that wasn’t immediately explained to me so Google saved the day and now I understand. A power of two image is an image where either side of the image is a whole number when you find the square root. So, 1, 2, 4, 16, etc. are ok because they can be square rooted. However, 5, 7, 511 are not good because they cannot be square rooted to a whole number.This website helped me understand:


What the hell is a Regular Expression?


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Wow, this is a loaded question. Some of our favorite software tools give us the ability to use a Regular Expression in the search. But what is a Regular Expression? To explain this, let’s describe a problem. You are working in a document and you realize that all of the numbers in the document that are greater than 200 are too high and you need to decrease them by 100. Now how on Earth can you do this? Using a find will only give you one number… if you can find it, however, there may be a range of numbers that you need to find. This is where are Regular Expression can help you…

Xcode, one of my favorite development tools, uses the ICU library for regular expressions. Luckily, they have a website dedicated on Regular Expression usage: http://www.icu-project.org/userguide/regexp.html

For developers who use Visual Studio, check out this website:


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