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Vector drawing programs

Matt Inman made a video where he discussed how he does his illustrations for his website: If you haven’t seen any of this stuff, I would recommend that you only do it while you are home because his site is a big productivity killer. Anyway, it got me very interested in doing illustrations again, […]

File managers

For the longest time, the only file manager I used on the Mac was the Finder. I was fine with that and I never thought of needing another program. My co-worker though uses a program named PathFinder by CocoaTech. After seeing it in action, I thought it would be a great tool for organizing my […]

I just got a Griffin case for $20

I had a couple of cases for my iPhone 3G and the Griffin Reveal Case, being one of the cheaper ones I’ve come to own, is also one of the most practical. It’s clear on the back, black around the borders and is pretty spiffy looking. For $20 bucks you can’t go wrong. If you […]

Ducks take on the six-axis

You know it’s funny, looking at the word six-axis and you see it’s spelt the same forwards and backwards. Enough duh… The game I’m blogging about today is called Super Rub A Dub… This is a cute game that uses the accelerometer from the six-axis controller, the PS3 controller that is, to control the board […]

Stay away from PGP Desktop

I’ve been using PGP Desktop for 3 years now, and not by choice. I use the Mac OS version and I can say that my experience with PGP Desktop is probably one of the worst experiences I have had with any piece of software, compared to any product I have used over the past 15 […]

Saving energy on a FreeBSD server

FreeBSD is an awesome operating system, but if your machine is set up like mine… the drives spin all the time and can actually suck up some juice. A month later, opening the electric bill made my eyes open wider than they usually do at a bill when I see the bigger bill. Okay. I […]

God, I hate my Xbox360

Last month, my Xbox 360 died. Again. This is the third Xbox for me… All have died from the stupid red ring of death. This time around, the Microsoft tech’s messed up my support ticket, so after a week of waiting around, I had to have them cancel the ticket and re-create my ticket so […]

Envy no more

I’m currently working on a website and like any website, it needs graphics. I was checking out some websites that have awesome icons, like CruxTech and Panic and I envy the cool tools that exist for Windows for making icons. One of those programs is Axialis IconWorkshop.  This Windows only application looks really cool and appears to […]

Photo sharing made a little easier

One of the problems I have in my house is that I have multiple cameras of different brands. Although all of my computers are Macs, my wife uses iPhoto and I use Nikon’s ViewNX application to manage photos. She shoots Canon JPEG images and I shoot Nikon RAW images. Sometimes my wife uses the Nikon […]

Backup software that might actually work

Are you sick of Retrospect? I’m sorry to hear that, but if you are adventurous and are looking for something to replace that backup software of yours, check out BRU at   I can’t guarantee that this will work for you, but this looks like a sexy POSIX application, whose roots in UNIX probably means it actually works. Check it […]