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Monthly Archives: December 2007

How many chromosomes do you have?

Like the average person who thinks they are an above-average driver, many software developers think they are gifted, talented, creative people, better than the developer sitting to their left. You know who I am talking about. You probably work with them or you ARE one of them. Anyway, I’m not here to rant about them. […]

What the hell is a Regular Expression?

Wow, this is a loaded question. Some of our favorite software tools give us the ability to use a Regular Expression in the search. But what is a Regular Expression? To explain this, let’s describe a problem. You are working in a document and you realize that all of the numbers in the document that […]

How to extract all zip files within multiple subdirectories

In Mac OS X, using the Terminal application, it is possible to uncompress all zip files that are littered within a directory structure with a single command:  ?View Code BASHfind . -iname "*.zip" -type f -print -execdir ditto -x -k –sequesterRsrc ‘{}’ ‘.’ \; To use this command, you first has to ‘cd’ to the […]

Probably the best $90 spent

During the day, I am a programmer. And at night, I am a programmer and I am happy with that fact! However, at work, I have 2 Mac’s that have the ivory keyboard that Apple shipped with their computers prior to the new aluminum one and I am not happy with that. I used them for 4 […]

Just when YouTube thought they had figured it out

 In my previous post, I had embedded a link to a video hosted on the YouTube website, but apparently they haven’t figured out the whole video hosting thing since their website is down… Who’s next? 

Just when you thought you’d figured it out

Hmmm… This video hosted on perfectly illustrates how some of us feel when we think we have a handle on a new technology…