How many chromosomes do you have?


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Like the average person who thinks they are an above-average driver, many software developers think they are gifted, talented, creative people, better than the developer sitting to their left. You know who I am talking about. You probably work with them or you ARE one of them. Anyway, I’m not here to rant about them. I’m here to talk about the few developers who are TRULY talented. I came accross such talent on the web. Check it out:

You think that is cool, then you have to check this out:

If this guy hasn’t been hired by Nintendo yet, I’m sure someone is eyeing this guy because he is talented. Good Luck To You!

What the hell is a Regular Expression?


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Wow, this is a loaded question. Some of our favorite software tools give us the ability to use a Regular Expression in the search. But what is a Regular Expression? To explain this, let’s describe a problem. You are working in a document and you realize that all of the numbers in the document that are greater than 200 are too high and you need to decrease them by 100. Now how on Earth can you do this? Using a find will only give you one number… if you can find it, however, there may be a range of numbers that you need to find. This is where are Regular Expression can help you…

Xcode, one of my favorite development tools, uses the ICU library for regular expressions. Luckily, they have a website dedicated on Regular Expression usage:

For developers who use Visual Studio, check out this website:

Still confused? Submit a comment and maybe we can help you 🙂

How to extract all zip files within multiple subdirectories


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In Mac OS X, using the Terminal application, it is possible to uncompress all zip files that are littered within a directory structure with a single command: 

find . -iname "*.zip" -type f -print -execdir ditto -x -k --sequesterRsrc '{}' '.' \;

To use this command, you first has to ‘cd’ to the root of the directory structure you are working with and then type in the above listed command. The ‘ditto’ app will then decompress every file that it is sent from the ‘find’ command. This is a very useful command, especially if you have projects where files have to be zipped up before they are sent to the version control server.  Enjoy! 

Probably the best $90 spent


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During the day, I am a programmer. And at night, I am a programmer and I am happy with that fact! However, at work, I have 2 Mac’s that have the ivory keyboard that Apple shipped with their computers prior to the new aluminum one and I am not happy with that. I used them for 4 months, thinking that it was just me and I needed some time to get used to them. However, I kept missing keys… and this drove me nuts!

Apple Ivory Keyboard 

“Quite your whining!” Okay, okay! I hear you! Why didn’t I do it sooner? Well I would have bought something sooner, but not too many Apple stores carry anything other then Apple keyboards and most of the Apple retailers where I live don’t carry much. So, by luck, I happened to be in Staples and they had a long rack of keyboards for me to fiddle with and to my surprise, I found the Logitech Wave Comfort on display and it was perfect. It comes as a wireless keyboard/mouse combo and it works great! Your hands are perfectly supported and the special buttons, all of them!!!, work as you would expect them to in Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard! 

Logitech Wave Comfort Keyboard 

I’m not getting any money from Logitech to write this review of their innovative and well designed keyboard, although I wouldn’t mind some, but the truth is… this is a great keyboard 🙂 If you are looking for something to replace your keyboard and are unhappy with what you’ve got, give this a try!  

Just when YouTube thought they had figured it out


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You Tube In my previous post, I had embedded a link to a video hosted on the YouTube website, but apparently they haven’t figured out the whole video hosting thing since their website is down… Who’s next? 

Just when you thought you’d figured it out


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Hmmm… This video hosted on perfectly illustrates how some of us feel when we think we have a handle on a new technology…