Fact of life: Dating is Funny!


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For a guy, dating does suck. I’m sure I’ll have lots of women, and few men, who will argue this point. But instead of arguing, let’s look at the funnier side courtship and check out this website: http://www.datingishell.net/.

Using const in C++… How confusing this could be!


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What is a const? If you don’t know… then leave. Actually, don’t leave. I’m just kidding and you should know that by now. Anyway, a lot of developers know what a const is, but not too many coders use it enough and those that do use it, may not actually now it’s full potential. For those who are confused by it’s usage, I will not offer a tutorial since someone has already done it and done it well. Check out this instructional at:  http://www.possibility.com/Cpp/const.html.

Backup software that might actually work


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Are you sick of Retrospect? I’m sorry to hear that, but if you are adventurous and are looking for something to replace that backup software of yours, check out BRU at http://www.tolisgroup.com/  

I can’t guarantee that this will work for you, but this looks like a sexy POSIX application, whose roots in UNIX probably means it actually works. Check it out at your own risk 🙂  

Password protection made a little easier


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If you have the need,  then here’s a tip I got from a very smart Apple Engineer. Check out SuperGenPass at http://supergenpass.com/about/

What is a power of two image?


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Ok, here was something that wasn’t immediately explained to me so Google saved the day and now I understand. A power of two image is an image where either side of the image is a whole number when you find the square root. So, 1, 2, 4, 16, etc. are ok because they can be square rooted. However, 5, 7, 511 are not good because they cannot be square rooted to a whole number.This website helped me understand:


Fact of life: people don’t understand design


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Hmm… Is that really true? You can spend a ton of time on UI development and really miss the boat on that one. Microsoft is a great example of this. Now before you go attacking me saying that I’m some sort of Apple hippie freak, let me explain myself. Microsoft, in all of their glorious ways to show how innovative they are, have missed some UI points that make it really easy for people like me to take jabs at them, just as easy as it is for comedians to take jabs at President Bush every time he makes a grammatically error during a speech. Microsoft, just like Bush, both tend to make mistakes from time to time… and it’s okay since we see the folly in it and we can all laugh together!!! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! 

Okay, now back to some bash-ing 😉 I’ve been reading a Microsoft hosted blog, as per recommendation from my co-worker John, and I find it funny, informative and sometimes interesting… but on this one blog entry, I have to disagree. Microsoft is not known for the UI ease of use and sometimes they really don’t get it. Sometimes their UI design, which I believe they spend a ton of money on, is really hard to follow. I’m sure the developers are really proud of what they have done, but if your users are having a hard time finding something, just don’t dismiss it as the user’s fault-for-being-dropped-on-their-head-as-an-infant excuse. Take a step back, take a breath and see if there is something that can be improved… 

I know there are times that I have come across something in the Windows interface that was so backwards that I had to read the help in order to understand what I have missed. I have accepted the fact that the Windows UI is hard to use. I’ve accepted the fact that people have accepted the fact that only half as good is the norm for most computing systems and I’ve even accepted the fact that there are a lot of die-hard Microsoft fans who will defend their beloved Redmond company one blog at a time, but I won’t accept the fact that they think users are too dumb to see some text that is hidden from view, in a dialog box that is stuck somewhere off of the viewing pane… If you have actually read this entry to this point… then you are a really good reader and I thank you. Let me know what you think about this Microsoft blog entry.   

Using OpenMP and Xcode


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During my pilgrimage to Apple in Cupertino California last year, I got to meet some really bright developers at a performance workshop. Of the people who were presenting, Intel was there touting OpenMP. Of course, Apple’s Xcode didn’t yet support OpenMP unless you followed some up-the-sleeve tricks: http://alphakilo.com/openmp-on-os-x-using-gcc-42/

Get er’ done!


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Ah! I love technology! The 60’s was chock full of inventions that were meant to help free up our time and make life more enjoyable! Take the dishwasher or the perculator or even the claymore mine! All of these inventions were created to help us live our lives better! 

However, let us not forget that it was around this time that the seedlings of computing was sprouting and soon a new tool would come about that would help us get work done faster and give us even more time to spend with our loved ones! 

Now let’s flash forward to 2008. Americans are working more hours than ever before,  sleeping less than we should be and spending more time trying to get things done and  less time doing the things that really matter… like spending it with the family. 

Well, there are times when someone does come up with a good idea and attempts to solve this problem. That someone is the OmniGroup and that something is OmniFocus.  It’s a program that let’s you spend more time doing things and less time worrying about organizing all of your to-do’s in a list that you can later spend time going over to figure out what you have to do first, then later! 

I do spend a lot of time trying to organize my to-do list and having only used this program for 3 days, I am surprised at how easy it is to work, how fast it is on my slow laptop and how well it organizes my to-do’s for me. If you need help organizing your busy life, take a look at this program. Oh, and if you don’t have a Mac, you s%*^ out of luck 🙂 

Ah, yes… but will it blend?


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Ok… Apple somehow did it again. They came out with something that has outdone themselves, which seems impossible, but they’ve done. This of course is the MacBook Air. I don’t know how they do, but they did it. Maybe they have a secret lab filled with little Aliens they stole from New Mexico or maybe they a room filled with genetically altered scientists whose frontal lobes are suspended by balloons, being that they are too heavy for their own necks to support, or something weird like that! The point is, they have a knack for coming out with things that other people wish they have invented. 

So, there I am, sitting in my cubicle, looking at this wonderful technological feat when John came over and saw what I was looking at. 

“This is the thinest laptop…”, I said.
“Ah, yes… but will it blend?”  

Will it what? Apparently, I have been living under a rock because this is referring to a a shameless advertisement for a blender company found on, you guessed it!, YouTube: