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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Recursively deleting folders

While I was looking at my backup log in Retrospect, I saw an error message about a directory had more than 100 folders deep. What? I took a look and sure enough, Entourage had gone on a folder making frenzy and had created well over 100 folders within each other: My Project.rge/My Project.rge/My Project.rge/My Project.rge/My […]


“Eeeerrr!”, Lifting a chair over my head with one hand and carrying my son and wife with the other, I have superhuman strength thanks to the miracle called¬†steroids! I wish! Actually, hurt my back again and was bedridden for nearly a week. On top of that, I found out that I had a really nasty […]

Evil bug #1299

I recently had to deal with this nasty bug on Mac OS 10.3.9 that only showed up when you prompted an Alert dialog box during a NSTableView selectionShouldChange method. Here’s what would happen. You have a NSTableView filled with your items. When the user selected any one of the rows, the selection of that row […]

“I have nothing to wear”

I spend too much time on the small details. In this case, it’s the look and feel of my website. I’ve spent way too much time on the WordPress Theme webpage checking out dozens of different themes, downloading them, editing them, zipping them, uploading them, editing them, then deciding I don’t like it. I haven’t […]

Revisiting Me, My PowerBook and Apple

This is old news, but something I felt compelled to write about anyway. Last November, for the first time, I packed my bag, my PowerBook and headed over to Apple.¬† I was there to attend the a week long Performance Workshop for the product that I work on at Nikon. Now for those who don’t […]