Month: May 2008

Creating a NSWindow programatically in Cocoa

Jaime 2008-05-14 5 Comments Coding , , ,

Here is something that I haven’t found on the web: an example of how to create a NSWindow programatically from Cocoa. After a little bit of reading, and some head scratching, this is what I got: ?View Code OBJ-CNSRect windowRect = NSMakeRect(10.0f, 10.0f, 800.0f, 600.0f);   NSWindow *window = [[NSWindow alloc] initWithContentRect:windowRect styleMask:( NSResizableWindowMask | […]

Maybe helping our planet, a little bit

Jaime 2008-05-01 No Comments What's New , , , ,

This is not an advertisement. I’ve been looking around for companies that provide SVN hosting and I stumbled on this company that claims to be 100% Carbon Neutral:¬† This is an interesting idea and I actually felt good about the prospect of doing business with a company that actually cared about the environment. Now, I […]

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