You can’t pee there!


Posted by Jaime | Posted in Funny, Not-so-funny | Posted on 07-07-2008

This past 4th of July weekend was okay. Friday I couldn’t do much since I have a 18 month old son and when you have one, you can’t really go out and party like you did… pre-child. Anyway, my wife and I watched “Dodgeball” on Friday;

“If you can dodge a WRENCH, then you can dodge a dodgeball!”

Classic! Pure classic! If you haven’t seen it, then there is something wrong with you… 😉 Anyway, on Saturday I went skeet and trap shooting for the first time 🙂 Lots of fun until I noticed that I was developing a black and blue mark on my pec. I guess I didn’t hold the shotgun close enough to me…

Sunday, my wife thought it would be a good idea to take my son over to Eisenhower park to play in the children’s playground. Good idea I thought… until we got there.

The park played out more like a block party in Washington Heights rather than a State park where it would be quiet and serene. My son didn’t care, and we were there… so why not make the best of it?

Well, we were in the kids play area and my son was crawling up and down the stairs. Another kid, around 8 years old, was standing inside the playpen. He was standing in front of a clear plastic semi-sphere window and then proceeded to take out his penis and pee!

“Hey! What are you doing?! You can’t pee there!” I said.

The kid just looked at me with a straight face and kept peeing. The pee ran inside the clear globe and down like a mini waterfall of urine.

“Hey, honey!” I said to my wife, “That kid is peeing in there!”

“Oh my god… Oooooh kay. Time to go”, wife said.

With that, we picked up my son, who didn’t understand why we were leaving so quickly, and left.

That kid just went back to his two brothers and acted like nothing had happened.

That thought. The idea that some kid just peed into a playpen without any remorse tells me that something is really wrong with him. That just killed it for me.

What is wrong with this kid?