Photo sharing made a little easier


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One of the problems I have in my house is that I have multiple cameras of different brands. Although all of my computers are Macs, my wife uses iPhoto and I use Nikon’s ViewNX application to manage photos.

She shoots Canon JPEG images and I shoot Nikon RAW images. Sometimes my wife uses the Nikon camera and produces excellent shots in either JPEG or NEF.

The problem we have is that our images are in multiple places, making it hard to share these images. Sometimes she would like to use an image on our website, or share an image in an email. Again, very slow and hard to do over a wireless network with multiple computers.

Some geeks would say, “Just use ZenPhoto or build a website in PHP to do that!”. Of course, I would reply, “I’m too lazy to do that and I don’t want to spend my time doing that when I could be coding in Cocoa!”

So, I looked and found that Nikon already had an answer… and a good one! It’s a website named “my Picturetown” which allows anyone to upload up to 2 GB of images for free. It’s very easy to share images with friends and family and its certainly a lot easier than other programs that I have used.

I would highly recommend that you check it out:

Nikon my Picturetown

Amazing imaging slash video technology


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Lately I have been posting very few words. I’ve been reading more than I have been writting becuase there are so many good sites out there, that I have not had the time to write anything worth writting about.

Well, here is a website sent me that illustrated some really creative ways to use images in video:

Using videos to enhance videos

Pain relief right around the corner!


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For many people suffering injuries that can cripple you and take years of physical therapy, only to be at 70% of what the injured site used to be, invasive surgery is an option that is not pleasant.

Reading this article about what is being done to repair sports injuries has given me some hope that pain relief is right around the corner:

Fixing broken parts

Probably the best ten minutes you’ll ever spend


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This has go to be the funniest IT story I’ve ever seen. If you don’t know what IT is, then you don’t deserve to watch this: