Dumping symbols from a library


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When you need to dump symbols from a dylib on Mac OS or a DLL on Windows, you can use the following commands to do so:

Mac OS

nm -m mySpecialLibrary.dylib


dumpbin /exports mySpecialLibrary.dll

Now sometimes, you have have a lot of symbols in one library, or you may want to find one particular symbol. On the Mac, that’s pretty simple to do. Just use the grep command to find the symbol you are looking for:

nm -m mySpecialLibrary.dylib | grep someSpecialFunction

On the PC, you can dump your symbols to a file so that you can use a text editor like Notepad++ to search for symbols:

dumpbin /exports mySpecialLibrary.dll > c:\MyProjectFolder\mySpecialLibrarySymbols.txt

The web is reborn with Chrome!


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I’m actually using my PC for this one program. This one program I am writting about is Google’s Chrome Web browser. This program is fast! Very fast! So fast that I am actually using my PC over my Mac to search the web. I’m sad by that fact, but luckily, Google is coming out with a version for the Mac as well!

So if you haven’t gotten it yet, get it! Get it now!

Google Chrome Download