Just when you thought things would work… crash!


Posted by Jaime | Posted in Coding, Not-so-funny, What's New | Posted on 21-10-2008

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I work on large projects that are sometimes too unweildy to debug. The compile times are too long, the apps can take a while to load and when you’re looking to test something quickly, you don’t want to have to sit at your desk and wait for the IDE to finish what it’s doing.

So, to speed things up, I usually write tiny applications that I use for testing. Although they litter my file system, they are much faster to use and much easier to debug than an entire solution.

They are nice… until they break. I have a 64-bit mini application that I’ve been using to test my code with and it’s been working fine, until I went to use it yesterday. Now, so many things have changed on my computer that I can’t say that there is a single thing I can pinpoint to show why this application is not working.

So, instead of trying to figure out what’s wrong, I build a new project, which is great and all, but now, the IDE doens’t compile or launch a 64-bit version of my test app.

So what is going on here? I don’t know, but I will post the solution once I have it figured out.

Oh, if you’re wondering what IDE I’m referring to, it’s Xcode 3.1.