All that you have learned… is wrong


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I just learned something magical!


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I use Xcode 3.1.1 at work and it does not work well with Perforce, which is sad because I really love Perforce.

So, I have been using an application that a co-worker told me about called DTerm to help me check out files held in Perforce. This program is a great utility in that it allows me to invoke a command from anywhere in the Mac OS or in any program. If I have a file selected in a Xcode project and then I bring up DTerm, I can type “p4 edit” then hit Cmd+Shift+V to enter the name of the file I have highlighted. Hooray!

However, you can’t do this with project files. Xcode won’t let you select the project file so that you can check out the file, which is actually a folder in disguise. Boooo!

For each of my projects, I have a folder for the platform I am targeting. So for the Mac, I have a folder named “mac” which has my project file, objects and output binaries. A lot of times I check out the entire directory using P4V since I need to overwrite the libraries that are in there.

Today, I discovered how you can check a directories contents in one fell swoop: “p4 edit …”. Oh. My. God! This is great! This is awesome! You don’t know how much time I just saved by doing that!

If you get anything out of this entry is that “p4 edit …” is awesome. Now don’t abuse that power or you’re liable of getting into trouble.

Happy coding!