“I don’t like SPAM”


Posted by Jaime | Posted in Security | Posted on 28-12-2008

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I like those emails that come to your inbox promising X, Y or Z. There are a lot of talented people who waste their time writing scripts that go out to the net and scrape webpages for email addresses. If you’re that good at doing something, use it for good, not for EVIL!

So.. how do you stop this? Well, I found this one site that has a nifty solution to this problem: use javascript to protect your email address!

It’s simple and it gets the job done. Check it out!

SPAM is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods, LLC. 

Oh, I’ve never had SPAM.

FreeBSD and TimeMachine


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You would think that you could use your FreeBSD server as a file server to host your backups. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be for my laptop working over a wireless network.

I actually use Retrospect for my backups, but I found that as my data got bigger, reliable backups were becoming more cumbersome to maintain.

At work I use a Drobo drive and TimeMachine. It works great, but I have plenty of hard drive space on my FreeBSD servers; why not use them for my backups?

TimeMachine off the bat does not work with network hosted shared. However, I did find a lot of websites that show you how to pair TimeMachine with a network share. The best instructional site I found was here!

The only other thing I had to do was to watch the network volume for the name of the sparsebundle that was created. The name I used was incorrect.

Also, if you add additional volumes to your backup, you may have to increase your sparsebundle. I had to create another sparsebundle image that was large enough to contain my backups, which seems like something the Disk Utility could do, but doesn’t. According to posts I have read, this may be a bug in the software.