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Monthly Archives: February 2009

What was this dog dreaming?

It’s all in the scene

Seagull Originally uploaded by Click Clack MA This amateur photographer does great work with his Nikon D40. Looking over his shots you can tell that he definitely has a knack for taking great shots.

Jaime and the SPR

Jaime and the SPR Originally uploaded by 762×51 This is one hell of a rifle and it would be perfect if it had a Nikon Monarch X rifle scope mounted on it 🙂

Weird EXC_BAD_ACCESS error with NSPopAutoreleasePool

Recently I worked on a project that had a NIB and XIB in it and for some strange reason I was getting a EXC_BAD_ACCESS error message in GDB with NSPopAutoReleasepool being the culprit. The best part about the problem was that the only indicator I had for the call stack was was four question marks […]

Night time in SF

DSC_0071 Originally uploaded by Avid Image Going over some images I found this one that I took while I was out in San Francisco last year for the WWDC. This is a good shot taken with a Nikon D60.

Envy no more

I’m currently working on a website and like any website, it needs graphics. I was checking out some websites that have awesome icons, like CruxTech and Panic and I envy the cool tools that exist for Windows for making icons. One of those programs is Axialis IconWorkshop.  This Windows only application looks really cool and appears to […]

The world is full of stinky software

I think it was a sign. I should have know that this was how my day was going to begin. I started up my Xbox 360 and I got the red rings of death. This is not the first time this has happened to me, but I’m especially pissed since this was Microsoft’s idea of […]

Decrypting email using GPG and AppleScript

In a previous posting, I had listing all of the applications you would need to decrypt and encrypt email messages in Apple Mail. However, I did find that after moving up to Mac OS X 10.5.6, I was unable to decrypt messages delivered from certain mail servers. I could decrypt the messages by hand, but […]