You have to hand it to Obama


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I set up this blog site for programming.

I set up this site so that I could share with other programmers some of the problems I have had and how I overcame them.

I set up this site, so that I could share with other developers who had similar problems as I did.

I didn’t set up this site to share my personal ideas, my daily to-dos or anything else.

As time went on though, the very items I tried to keep off this site made it here.

Twitter, Facebook, Flickr. They’re here. I didn’t understand them at first, but I enjoy them and they’re here.

Now Obama is here… he and politics have made their way to my website.

I have to say, Obama’s use of the internet as been quite impressive. The White House portal, his use of Twitter on the campaign trail and now, Flickr!!!.

I won’t lie. I don’t agree with his ideas, his policies or his plans, but I do agree that the use of the internet to make American’s more connected with the government is a great idea.

It seems for quite some time now people don’t want to know what’s going on in the government unless it’s controversial.

I don’t agree with that, and Obama is doing the right thing by making the U.S. government more visible. More tangible. Less frightening.

The U.S. is filled with good people and we tend to forget that too.

Let’s not forget who we are and that we all neighbors.

PowerBook G4 suffers another problem


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Apple doesn’t go out of their way when they have a batch of computers that have problems, unless of course those computers blow up and cause bodily damage.

The problem I’m talking about is the PowerBook G4 lower memory bank dying (

Apparently, there was a whole lot of laptops that had this problem, but Apple only supported customers if their problem surfaced before July 2008.

Nice. Nice going Apple.

WWDC09 Sold out?


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You know, I want to go to WWDC, but I couldn’t justify the trip. I had to many things going on at that point in time. The more time went on, the more I thought about going.

The track I was really interested in was OpenCL.

Honestly, I didn’t think it would sell out. But now, it has. I guess Apple is going okay.

Quote of the day


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“With AT&T as the mandatory carrier, owning an iPhone is like dating a supermodel with cancer” (

I think that about sums it up!

Print to PDF with AppleScript and Microsoft Word


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Recently, I needed to automate printing a Word document to a PDF file and have it saved to a predefined location. There were some good articles on the web about how to do the printing part, or the PDF part but not how to save the output.

So, here’s my stab at printing a Word document to a PDF file in a known location:

-- This AppleScript will open up our Word doc and save it as a PDF
set myDoc to "/Users/jaimerios/Documents/Developer notes.doc"
set pdfSavePath to "/Users/jaimerios/Documents/PDFs/"
tell application "Microsoft Word"
	open myDoc
end tell
tell application "System Events"
	tell process "Microsoft Word"
		-- Press command+p to open our print dialog
		keystroke "p" using command down
		-- Let's make sure our print dialog is up
		repeat until exists window "Print"
		end repeat
		-- Click the PDF menu button
		click menu button "PDF" of window "Print"
		-- Make sure the menu is up
		repeat until exists menu item "Save as PDF…" of menu 1 of menu button "PDF" of window "Print"
		end repeat
		-- Select the "Save as PDF" menu item
		click menu item "Save as PDF…" of menu 1 of menu button "PDF" of window "Print"
		-- Make sure the save dialog is visible
		repeat until exists window "Save"
		end repeat
		-- Press command+shift+g to show the "Go" drop down sheet
		keystroke "g" using {command down, shift down}
		-- Set our location field to our pdfSavePath
		set value of text field 1 of sheet of window "Save" to pdfSavePath
		-- Now click the Go button
		click button "Go" of sheet of window "Save"
		-- Now that we are in our desired folder, set the file name and save
		set value of text field 1 of window "Save" to "Special Developer Notes.pdf"
		click button "Save" of window "Save"
	end tell
end tell

Now the only limitation to this script is that it doesn’t handle the condition where the PDF file might already exist in our output location.

I have to give credit to the original author who came up with tis script. Their AppleScript code is located at this website link.

Well, I hope this helps you and if you have any comments to make this script better, let me know.

Happy coding!

God, I hate my Xbox360


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Last month, my Xbox 360 died. Again. This is the third Xbox for me… All have died from the stupid red ring of death.

This time around, the Microsoft tech’s messed up my support ticket, so after a week of waiting around, I had to have them cancel the ticket and re-create my ticket so that they would send me a box to ship the dead console in.

Another week goes by. The Xbox website says that a box was shipped to me, but nothing. Ten days go by since the new ticket was created and I have to call and find out what happened. “We don’t send out boxes”, a women with an accent says. She’s a support rep for Microsoft whom I’m assuming is on another continent. “So why does the website say A Box Was Shipped?” “We don’t ship boxes sir”. I was getting no-where fast with this Einstein.

So, almost two months. Almost two months I am without a Xbox and I finally get one back. In the box, comes a one month pass. Great, I’ll need that to make up for the two months I lost.

Well, my account was supposed to renew, and the account was suspended because the credit card info was wrong.

After spending a half hour trying to figure our how to update the expiration for the credit card info and how to redeem the one month pass, I decided, enough. Enough is enough. The account was still disabled and I was getting nowhere.

This piece of junk is not worth my time. I only bought it for one game and I don’t even get to enjoy that one game because of the Shenanigans this piece of junk gives me.

That’s it. Enough is enough. I’m done with the Xbox 360.