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Monthly Archives: May 2009

A day with my wife, son and D90

I have had too much fun the past couple of nights. Friday I was out late, watching the Mets beat the Florida Marlins in Citifield 🙂 Saturday night, I watched 3 movies: “The Happening”, which I liked, “10,000 BC”, which really sucked and since I couldn’t end the night on a bad movie experience, I […]

Make that long URL tiny!

When you guys want to send each other a long URL, make it tiny! Go to and enter the long URL there and *POP*, out comes the tiny url that you can use instead! So, turns into Another friendly advice message from the smartest guy on the block 🙂

Popular post

I’m surprised what people find interesting on my website. The most popular post is actually the Haversine formula page. Thinking about it, that whole process was a real pain in the butt to implement, so I can see that if someone else had to do it, that I could actually save them some time and […]

Setting up the mac mini and TimeMachine

I had a PowerBook that was showing it’s age. I didn’t feel like buying new computer so I actually bought a Mac mini on the recommendation of one of my co-workers. Setting up the machine is typical Mac: plug in and go. The migration assistant made transferring everything over to my new computer way too […]