Using TimeMachine with Netatalk server… again


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I bought a new computer and with it, the pain of having to recreate a new TimeMachine backup on my FreeBSD server. This time, I didn’t feel like creating a sparsebundle image on a local disk and copying it to my server. Why should I? I have plenty of space on the servers.

So, in search on the Internet, I found this perfect set of instructions that show you how to create a sparseimage on you local machine and copy it to your network drive, even if your local drive is not big enough to create a sparsebundle that is twice the size of your disk. Check it out:

Dumping file names to a file


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I have a PC and a Mac that I work with, but mostly I use the Mac.

Of course on the Mac, you can do a lot with the and Bash. For example, you can dump out a file listing into a text file:

ls *.cpp > ../implementation_files.txt

Best fake punt ever


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You know what an expert is?


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When I was in college, one of the only courses I remembered was microbiology. I loved that class.

One day, the professor asked a question that I actually knew the answer to. I answered and he didn’t say anything for 5 seconds.

He looked at this class and asked, “Does anyone know what an expert is?”

We were all quiet. “An expert is someone who makes something simple extraordinarily complex”.

I’ll always remember that moment.

I know there are people who right now are nodding their head and saying to themselves, “I know someone like that. Errrr…”