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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Using TimeMachine with Netatalk server… again

Ha! I bought a new computer and with it, the pain of having to recreate a new TimeMachine backup on my FreeBSD server. This time, I didn’t feel like creating a sparsebundle image on a local disk and copying it to my server. Why should I? I have plenty of space on the servers. So, […]

Dumping file names to a file

I have a PC and a Mac that I work with, but mostly I use the Mac. Of course on the Mac, you can do a lot with the and Bash. For example, you can dump out a file listing into a text file: ?View Code BASHls *.cpp > ../implementation_files.txt

Best fake punt ever

You know what an expert is?

When I was in college, one of the only courses I remembered was microbiology. I loved that class. One day, the professor asked a question that I actually knew the answer to. I answered and he didn’t say anything for 5 seconds. He looked at this class and asked, “Does anyone know what an expert […]