I like this!


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I found this on the www.thefirearmblog.com website and I like it!

Sniffing paint primer


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I’m battling the smell of paint primer. My guest room is getting redone and the walls have just been treated with primer, making my whole house smell.

So, I wanted to spend a few minutes browsing some of my favorite sites. Something I haven’t done in 8 months being inundated with C++ work.

So, I figure that I can only handle maybe 20 minutes of this smell before I get too sick, being that my office is right next to the room that is getting worked on.

Well, guess what. I just discovered today, that stepwise.com is down. Where have I been? I felt sad. I actually liked that site, and now, it’s gone.

Goodbye stepwise.com. I loved you like a distant relative.