Month: June 2010

Cleaning house

Jaime 2010-06-26 No Comments Uncategorized

Today I am actually taking time to clean the house. And with that, I traded in my Xbox 360 games. I finally bought myself a PS3 and I … Love … It! The only games I have left for the Xbox is Halo and Gears of War. The only reason why I haven’t sold off […]

Cleaning up those CRT warnings in Visual Studio

Jaime 2010-06-17 No Comments Coding , , ,

When you need to clean up the CRT warnings about unsecure functions, like printf or sprintf, in favor for secure functions like printf_s or sprintf_s, you don’t have to scour through all of your code to clean up the warnings. You can declare the following for Visual Studio builds and the functions are overridden with […]

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