Cleaning house


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Today I am actually taking time to clean the house. And with that, I traded in my Xbox 360 games.

I finally bought myself a PS3 and I … Love … It!

The only games I have left for the Xbox is Halo and Gears of War. The only reason why I haven’t sold off the beige game console is because of GOW.

Now that I have the PS3… which has been a couple of weeks now, I haven’t turned on the Xbox.

Cleaning up those CRT warnings in Visual Studio


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When you need to clean up the CRT warnings about unsecure functions, like printf or sprintf, in favor for secure functions like printf_s or sprintf_s, you don’t have to scour through all of your code to clean up the warnings.

You can declare the following for Visual Studio builds and the functions are overridden with templated versions that are secure:
#ifdef _MSC_VER

This is useful if you have a C++ cross platform file where you don’t want to create macros to have one function for the Mac and the other version for Windows.