Discovering what channels your neighbor is on


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I have a problem where my neighbors wireless routers are causing too much interference with my own home network.

I found a tool for the Mac OS on that actually shows you all of the nearby networks and what channel they are on so you can change yours to one they are not on.

This program shareware and so far, it has solved some performance problems for me.

Kudos to the folks who made the program!

You have to be kidding me


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Thanks to the same co-worker who showed us Kick Ass!:
nail clippers are bad, umm-kay!

Cool Trick!


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Thanks to my co-worker for pointing out this cool HTML trick: Kick Ass!

Black Friday started early this year…


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Thanks to my wife who pointed this site out to me:

Using regular expression to find errors in a Xcode build log


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Sometimes when I’m looking at a build log, I don’t Xcode open or available for me to sift out all the text and highlight what I am looking for.

In those instances, I have to turn to regular expressions to find any error code hidden in a really long build log.

Here is a regular expression to find any error text that has a non-zero number:
([1-9]|[1-9][0-9]|[1-9][0-9][0-9]) error

What are the default icon sizes in iPhone?


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iPhone App IconFor me, probably one of the first things I start to do whenever I create any application is toy around with the icons I think I’m going to use for the app.

Now for the iPhone, I couldn’t easily find an article in the documentation about the specs for icons. How big are they supposed to be? What format should they be in? Where should the be stored?

In the old API, Carbon, you would use a resource editor to manage these images and the icon size is right there in the program.

Even in Cocoa, the icon editor program actually gave you the sizes that you are supposed to use. That’s pretty easy!

But what about the iPhone OS? Couldn’t tell you.

I found some examples on the web from other developers, but it bothered me that there was nothing written by Apple. But then, as I read the “iPhone Human Interface Guidelines” did I see the chapter titled, “Creating Custom Icons and Images”. Now to me, I thought this had something to do with non-default images, but to my surprise, the icon sizes I was looking for was right there:

  • App icon: 57 X 57
  • iTunes app icon: 512 X 512
  • Small app icon: 29 X 29
  • Toolbar and navigation bar icons: 20 X 20
  • Tab bar icon: 30 X 30

Also, the images should be saved as PNGs.

Two thumbs down for Mac OS X 10.6.5


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This morning, I installed the update for Mac OS X 10.6.5.

After the installer was done and my MacPro rebooted, my primary monitor no longer worked.

I have a KVM that allows me to share a pair of Dell monitors, one 19 inch and a 24 inch, between my MacPro and my HP Z800 workstation.

Once I installed the update, the 24 inch monitor was no longer detected by the operating system.

Thankfully, I use Time Machine and Apple prepared a document for such a situation: reverting to a previous Mac OS X version.

The scary thing abou the process though is that any file that was created after the full backup is lost and you need to restore that from Time Machine as well.

Here’s Google!


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If you haven’t noticed, Google’s AdWords are back.

iPhone development, day 1


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I have a great idea for an iPhone app. I have a great app idea and it’s a simple app, which in my mind, should be simple to create.

I know how to create the app for Mac OS X using Cocoa, how hard could it be to do it on the iPhone?

It uses the same stuff: Cocoa (although Cocoa Touch), Objective-C, Xcode, Interface builder… how hard could it be?

Well. It’s not as easy as I thought it.

You can easily create interfaces, using the Interface Builder and slap on some labels and controls on a layout, but if you want a polished look, you want to use some of the better implementations, like the Table View.

My normal MO is to quickly implement the a controller and read the doc’s for whatever required methods I have to implement.

Boy. This. Is. Different.

I already got that fidgety feeling like I want to get up and read a magazine cause I don’t want to read the technical article from Apple about how to implement a table view.

This, I think, is going to take some time.

You are kidding… Right?


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This was posted at


The first finder of any error in my books receives 0x$1.00 ($2.56), deposited to their account at the Bank of San Serriffe; significant suggestions are also worth 0x$0.20 ($0.32) each. If you are really a careful reader, you may be able to recoup more than the cost of the books this way.