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Discovering what channels your neighbor is on

I have a problem where my neighbors wireless routers are causing too much interference with my own home network. I found a tool for the Mac OS on that actually shows you all of the nearby networks and what channel they are on so you can change yours to one they are not on. […]

You have to be kidding me

Thanks to the same co-worker who showed us Kick Ass!: nail clippers are bad, umm-kay!

Cool Trick!

Thanks to my co-worker for pointing out this cool HTML trick: Kick Ass!

Black Friday started early this year…

Thanks to my wife who pointed this site out to me:

Using regular expression to find errors in a Xcode build log

Sometimes when I’m looking at a build log, I don’t Xcode open or available for me to sift out all the text and highlight what I am looking for. In those instances, I have to turn to regular expressions to find any error code hidden in a really long build log. Here is a regular […]

What are the default icon sizes in iPhone?

Continuing my iPhone development, I had a hard time finding the default icon sizes.

Two thumbs down for Mac OS X 10.6.5

This morning, I installed the update for Mac OS X 10.6.5. After the installer was done and my MacPro rebooted, my primary monitor no longer worked. I have a KVM that allows me to share a pair of Dell monitors, one 19 inch and a 24 inch, between my MacPro and my HP Z800 workstation. Once […]

Here’s Google!

If you haven’t noticed, Google’s AdWords are back.

iPhone development, day 1

iPhone development is not the same as Mac OS X development

You are kidding… Right?

This was posted at Rewards The first finder of any error in my books receives 0x$1.00 ($2.56), deposited to their account at the Bank of San Serriffe; significant suggestions are also worth 0x$0.20 ($0.32) each. If you are really a careful reader, you may be able to recoup more than the cost of the […]