How to stop Nikon Transfer 2 autoload


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Ok, now why does iPhoto want to launch Nikon's Transfer 2 anyway?
This is one of those things that has been really bugging me.

I know it bugs other people but they have given up trying to figure out a solution.

I have to hand it to the nikonians for showing me how to stop this problem on my computer.

This trick may or may not work for you, so good luck!

Passing parameters to shell scripts


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I recently fell in love with TextMate.

For me, programming 24/7, TextMate helps me edit files that would normally be a pain with the standard editors on the market.

Now, with that being said, I started making a lot of Bash shell scripts to automate building projects with Xcode and delivering the binaries for testing.

I actually had a couple of scripts to handle certain portions of the different builds, since the project was made up of many projects not just one big monolithic giant project.

Well, I needed to send my Bash scripts some parameters and I was scratching my head on how…

Well, it’s not so hard sending and getting those parameters. Check out the link below.


Extending a partition in FreeBSD


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This is something that is really easy to do in

Important: FreeBSD features theΒ growfs(8) command, which makes it possible to increase the size of file system on the fly, removing this limitation.


Goodbye old friend


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Last night I put a HP 5MP printer on my curb.

My town now has curb-side e-cycling pickup service, which means not having to drive down to some parking field and waiting on a really long line to get rid of some old computer stuff…

When I looked at that printer, it reminded me of when I was younger. The things I did with my friends and the memories of that time came back to me… looking at that printer I felt a little sad.

I got that printer for someone a long time ago, who has since passed. Putting this printer on the curb felt like that memory was going too.

The State of the Internet, Winter 2010


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Thanks to my co-worker for pointing this one out to me:

Programming language and convention


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A programming language does not enforce rules. It just gives you the means to tell a computer how to do something.

In my previous job I saw how SQL was being mis-used and how there was a lack of design used in implementing certain databases. The language doesn’t guide you to creating good databases; this is something you learn through the years and pick up from reading or from whatever class or seminar you participate in.

The same goes with C++. The language itself does not enforce good programming style or the use of idioms to convey to developers what you mean, if you are relying on idioms to tell the developer what your intention was.

From what I can anticipate, there may be people reading this and agreeing with me… also saying that developers should really read up on resources that show how to properly set up databases or how to properly use a programming language to implement something.

There may some that read this and wonder what I am talking about. I’ve read that code can be the signature of a developer’s DNA. Please, if you are going to leave your print, try to not leave a bloody mark behind πŸ˜‰

Here are two interesting reads that I dug up recently that may be helpful to some:

Two useful programs


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Thanks to my co-worker for pointing out these very useful items:


I created a new target template in Xcode


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In my office, I use a certain framework for unit testing. Setting up my unit tests are pretty predictable and have the same naming convention, no matter what project I apply the unit testing to.

Now, when I looked over how I was setting up the unit-testing target, I saw that I am actually repeating a lot of steps, over and over again.

I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I had a custom target of my own that would have everything needed for this supporting this framework? I looked into that and this is not a well documented feature… or at least, I’m not finding the documentation on how to do this.

After dissecting a couple of pre-existing templates, I knew enough to make my own template and voila! I made my own template. But why stop there? I also made my own custom files that I usually cook up too for this framework πŸ™‚

If anyone knows of any documentation on how to do this properly, I would love to hear from you!

Microsoft has a page for it:

Maybe Apple has one too.

iPhone autocorrect gone bad…


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Judge for yourself:

Vacation time


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For those who are wondering, I’m taking a break from blogging.

I’m resuming next Monday with new and exciting posts! Actually, they are exciting if your into the same stuff that I am πŸ™‚

See you next week!