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Monthly Archives: January 2011

How to stop Nikon Transfer 2 autoload

This is one of those things that has been really bugging me. I know it bugs other people but they have given up trying to figure out a solution. I have to hand it to the nikonians for showing me how to stop this problem on my computer. This trick may or may not work […]

Passing parameters to shell scripts

I recently fell in love with TextMate. For me, programming 24/7, TextMate helps me edit files that would normally be a pain with the standard editors on the market. Now, with that being said, I started making a lot of Bash shell scripts to automate building projects with Xcode and delivering the binaries for testing. […]

Extending a partition in FreeBSD

This is something that is really easy to do in Important: FreeBSD features the growfs(8) command, which makes it possible to increase the size of file system on the fly, removing this limitation. Reference

Goodbye old friend

Last night I put a HP 5MP printer on my curb. My town now has curb-side e-cycling pickup service, which means not having to drive down to some parking field and waiting on a really long line to get rid of some old computer stuff… When I looked at that printer, it reminded me of […]

The State of the Internet, Winter 2010

Thanks to my co-worker for pointing this one out to me:

Programming language and convention

A programming language does not enforce rules. It just gives you the means to tell a computer how to do something. In my previous job I saw how SQL was being mis-used and how there was a lack of design used in implementing certain databases. The language doesn’t guide you to creating good databases; this […]

Two useful programs

Thanks to my co-worker for pointing out these very useful items: Readability: Reeder:

I created a new target template in Xcode

In my office, I use a certain framework for unit testing. Setting up my unit tests are pretty predictable and have the same naming convention, no matter what project I apply the unit testing to. Now, when I looked over how I was setting up the unit-testing target, I saw that I am actually repeating […]

iPhone autocorrect gone bad…

Judge for yourself:

Vacation time

For those who are wondering, I’m taking a break from blogging. I’m resuming next Monday with new and exciting posts! Actually, they are exciting if your into the same stuff that I am 🙂 See you next week!