Month: February 2011

Using regular expressions with Visual Studio

Jaime 2011-02-28 No Comments Coding ,

Today, I began using regular expressions to change a whole bunch of code. However, what I learned from using RegEx in TextMate was not the same as in Visual Studio. So, for example, the parenthesis around regular expressions to indicate a backreference in TextMate:     (\w+) is represented by curly braces in VS:     {\w+} And to […]

You’ve been locked out!

Jaime 2011-02-28 No Comments Not-so-funny , , , ,

For some strange reason, my network account would be locked by the domain controllers on the network and I couldn’t authenticate using my credentials. My workstation authenticates either through an ActiveDirectory server or an OpenLDAP server and only recently, I’ve been having problems with Apple Mail asking me for my password over and over again […]


Jaime 2011-02-25 No Comments Coding ,

I actually implemented a large if, else if statement on the Mac with no problems. Go to compile that same code in Visual C++ 2008 and…. BANG! VC doesn’t play that! Apparently, there is a limit as to how many control statements you can have. Go figure 🙁

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