Interesting Word 2011 Bug


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Word 2011

I have Word 2011 installed on my Mac.


Anyway, I have 2 monitors on my MacPro. I create a new Window ( Window->New Window ) to view my Table of Contents on the secondary monitor. When I switch to another app, like Google Chrome, then click on that new window in the secondary monitor, the window immediately moves to the primary monitor and reduces it’s width to about 10% of the monitor width.

Joy. Reproducible bug.

Star Wars, played by a floppy drive


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Thanks to Raymon Chen for posting this link on his blog: Star Wars Theme Song

C++ tips and tricks for MacOS X


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Xcode 4

I had to do some fancy debugging of a C++ dylib and while I was searching around the internet, I came accross this article from Apple: C++ features in MacOS X.

I also found two cool articles that describe well how the dlopen application works and what happens to your symbols when an application bundle loads your dylibs:

Dynamic Linking of Imported Functions in Mach-O

Redirection of Imported Functions in Mach-O

I also found a cool programs that shows you what the load might look like in a particular dylib. This is a very useful tool:


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Xcode 4


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Xcode 4
Xcode 4 has a lot of cool new features.

One of my favorites is it’s ability to tell you when you introduced a bug in your code; the feature is similar to a spell check found in a word processor.

Usually, these cool tools are only available for Objective-C, but because of LLVM, this feature works on C++ as well.

And on the topic of C++, Xcode 4 will support C++0X… Holy cow!

Parallel coding


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Last year, I had the great privilege of attending “Effective Concurrency” by Herb Sutter; I say great because it was an eye opener for me. 

Now, you all know that I’m a Mac developer, so, seeing that I was the only guy in the room with a MacBookPro, I got a humorous look from Herb. I turned my laptop around to show him that I was running Windows 7 under Boot Camp, to which he asked, “How’s that working for ya?”.

“So far, so good”, I said.

I didn’t know what I would expect from the class, particularly since I have done a lot of threaded programming.

Boy. I. Was. Surprised.

He was an excellent teacher and an easy person to talk to.

If you have the chance to take the “Effective Concurrency” course by Herb Sutter, I would highly recommend it.

So a year after attending that class, my co-worker finds a video that Herb gave on C++ AMP.

Again, Herb is busy talking about concurrent programming.

UNIX tip of the day


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Thanks to my coworker for showing me this:

pbpaste | c++filt | mate

I use this to take a really long text output from GDB and de-mangle the code into something I can read.

I copy the output in the GDB console to the clipboard and the command takes those contents and pastes the results into TextMate.