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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Interesting Word 2011 Bug

I have Word 2011 installed on my Mac. Joy. Anyway, I have 2 monitors on my MacPro. I create a new Window ( Window->New Window ) to view my Table of Contents on the secondary monitor. When I switch to another app, like Google Chrome, then click on that new window in the secondary monitor, […]

Star Wars, played by a floppy drive

Thanks to Raymon Chen for posting this link on his blog: Star Wars Theme Song

C++ tips and tricks for MacOS X

I had to do some fancy debugging of a C++ dylib and while I was searching around the internet, I came accross this article from Apple: C++ features in MacOS X. I also found two cool articles that describe well how the dlopen application works and what happens to your symbols when an application bundle […]

Xcode 4

Xcode 4 has a lot of cool new features. One of my favorites is it’s ability to tell you when you introduced a bug in your code; the feature is similar to a spell check found in a word processor. Usually, these cool tools are only available for Objective-C, but because of LLVM, this feature […]

Parallel coding

Last year, I had the great privilege of attending “Effective Concurrency” by Herb Sutter; I say great because it was an eye opener for me.  Now, you all know that I’m a Mac developer, so, seeing that I was the only guy in the room with a MacBookPro, I got a humorous look from Herb. […]

UNIX tip of the day

Thanks to my coworker for showing me this: ?View Code BASHpbpaste | c++filt | mate I use this to take a really long text output from GDB and de-mangle the code into something I can read. I copy the output in the GDB console to the clipboard and the command takes those contents and pastes […]