Checking out a file in Perforce using Xcode’s 4 behaviors


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Perforce published a knowledge base article on how to use Xcode’s built in behaviors to check out a file: Automatically checking out files for edit in Xcode 4.3

This is nifty and similar to an article I saw posted on stackoverflow by user Mark Thalman.

I actually have AppleScripts that will do some of the functionality that Xcode3 had with Perforce on this posting: Perforce and Xcode4

Vector drawing programs


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Matt Inman made a video where he discussed how he does his illustrations for his website:

If you haven’t seen any of this stuff, I would recommend that you only do it while you are home because his site is a big productivity killer.

Anyway, it got me very interested in doing illustrations again, but I’ve usually only do that by hand and I didn’t feel like spending $800 on Illustrator.

Off to Wikipedia!

Wikipedia has a listing vector programs available; some good, some bad; some just ok. I have been using Inkscape for a while, but I’m not too crazy about it.

Then I found Sketch by Bohemian Coding.

This program fits the bill!

It’s affordable, filled with a lot of features and actually works… which unfortunately most other programs don’t do.

My only gripe with Sketch is that it cannot open SVG based drawings or Illustrator files, but that I something I leave to Inkscape to do… though I would really love Sketch to do that instead.

So if you are looking to do vector based drawing at a reasonable price, check out Sketch.

Code review time


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Right now, I’m reviewing code I copied into my own code branch (p4) and I’m finding that I’m doing something I thought I’d never do.

I’m actually lining up functions and parameters into columns. I have to admit, it’s much easier to read code this way then when code is all smushed together.

Now, I know some will say that this violates Rule 0, but I don’t care.



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This is a little old, but I wanted to share the link any for those looking for CPUID on the MacOS; download-maccpuid/