Envy no more

I’m currently working on a website and like any website, it needs graphics. I was checking out some websites that have awesome icons, like CruxTech and Panic and I envy the cool tools that exist for Windows for making icons. One of those programs is Axialis IconWorkshop. 

This Windows only application looks really cool and appears to make icon editing a breeze. However, I work on a Mac and I wanted something similar to this. I could not believe that I couldn’t find anything similar to this till now! 

I came across a program named Art Text 2 from BeLight Software. This app so far has proved to be an easy to use program that allows me to create exceptional icons.


Now, why am I talking about this program on my webblog? Here’s why: I’ve spent so much time looking for an easy to use program that allows me to create great icons that I find it only necessary to let as many people as possible know about this program.

Give it a try. Let me know what you think. If you know of anything better out there, let me know.

Happy coding!

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