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God, I hate my Xbox360

Last month, my Xbox 360 died. Again. This is the third Xbox for me… All have died from the stupid red ring of death.

This time around, the Microsoft tech’s messed up my support ticket, so after a week of waiting around, I had to have them cancel the ticket and re-create my ticket so that they would send me a box to ship the dead console in.

Another week goes by. The Xbox website says that a box was shipped to me, but nothing. Ten days go by since the new ticket was created and I have to call and find out what happened. “We don’t send out boxes”, a women with an accent says. She’s a support rep for Microsoft whom I’m assuming is on another continent. “So why does the website say A Box Was Shipped?” “We don’t ship boxes sir”. I was getting no-where fast with this Einstein.

So, almost two months. Almost two months I am without a Xbox and I finally get one back. In the box, comes a one month pass. Great, I’ll need that to make up for the two months I lost.

Well, my account was supposed to renew, and the account was suspended because the credit card info was wrong.

After spending a half hour trying to figure our how to update the expiration for the credit card info and how to redeem the one month pass, I decided, enough. Enough is enough. The account was still disabled and I was getting nowhere.

This piece of junk is not worth my time. I only bought it for one game and I don’t even get to enjoy that one game because of the Shenanigans this piece of junk gives me.

That’s it. Enough is enough. I’m done with the Xbox 360.

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