Revisiting Me, My PowerBook and Apple

This is old news, but something I felt compelled to write about anyway.

Last November, for the first time, I packed my bag, my PowerBook and headed over to Apple. 

I was there to attend the a week long Performance Workshop for the product that I work on at Nikon.

Now for those who don’t know, Nikon actually makes software to make your Nikon images look incredible! Now, Nikon cameras take amazing pictures as is, and it’s hard to believe how the picture could look better, but we done it. We can actually make those images look better! Cough, cough, *self-promotion*, I’m talking about Capture NX, cough, cough…

So I was there. At Apple. Where every day is 74 degrees and sunny. To me, this is new and this is nice.

Apple’s cafeteria is also something of a wonder. Not only does it serve every food imaginable, but I even got to enjoy my sushi, sitting next to Steve Jobs! Ha Ha! Talk about a nice trip that gets even better!

Well, that’s enough for now. It took me this long to write about this experience, and hopefully, it won’t take me that long to write about my experience at WWDC 08 when I go there this June! Hooray!

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