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Probably the best $90 spent

During the day, I am a programmer. And at night, I am a programmer and I am happy with that fact! However, at work, I have 2 Mac’s that have the ivory keyboard that Apple shipped with their computers prior to the new aluminum one and I am not happy with that. I used them for 4 months, thinking that it was just me and I needed some time to get used to them. However, I kept missing keys… and this drove me nuts!

Apple Ivory Keyboard 

“Quite your whining!” Okay, okay! I hear you! Why didn’t I do it sooner? Well I would have bought something sooner, but not too many Apple stores carry anything other then Apple keyboards and most of the Apple retailers where I live don’t carry much. So, by luck, I happened to be in Staples and they had a long rack of keyboards for me to fiddle with and to my surprise, I found the Logitech Wave Comfort on display and it was perfect. It comes as a wireless keyboard/mouse combo and it works great! Your hands are perfectly supported and the special buttons, all of them!!!, work as you would expect them to in Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard! 

Logitech Wave Comfort Keyboard 

I’m not getting any money from Logitech to write this review of their innovative and well designed keyboard, although I wouldn’t mind some, but the truth is… this is a great keyboard 🙂 If you are looking for something to replace your keyboard and are unhappy with what you’ve got, give this a try!  

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