What is a blog

I was reading something on a new site, probably CNN or MSNBC when I saw an advertisement to read someone’s blog.

The first time I read a blog entry was by a U.S. marine, many years ago, it was litterally a day by day account of what this person did. It was an interesting site to read and over time, the blog post was taken down.

I miss that site because it’s a real. It’s someone’s journal online.

Now a days, we have CNN, MSNBC and lots of other companies hosting blog sites for their hosts: Anderson Cooper, et. al.

Some bloggers seem to have an endless amount of content, of which I have no idea how they keep up the volume: Raymon Chen.

So what is a blog, and why do we read some of them? I prefer the ones that aren’t too personal and really follow industrial news, whether games, coding, guns or something else fun.

I haven’t followed any personal blog since that marine who served in Iraq. His stories were very interesting and there isn’t anything quite like that on the net that I have seen.

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