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Photo sharing made a little easier

One of the problems I have in my house is that I have multiple cameras of different brands. Although all of my computers are Macs, my wife uses iPhoto and I use Nikon’s ViewNX application to manage photos.

She shoots Canon JPEG images and I shoot Nikon RAW images. Sometimes my wife uses the Nikon camera and produces excellent shots in either JPEG or NEF.

The problem we have is that our images are in multiple places, making it hard to share these images. Sometimes she would like to use an image on our website, or share an image in an email. Again, very slow and hard to do over a wireless network with multiple computers.

Some geeks would say, “Just use ZenPhoto or build a website in PHP to do that!”. Of course, I would reply, “I’m too lazy to do that and I don’t want to spend my time doing that when I could be coding in Cocoa!”

So, I looked and found that Nikon already had an answer… and a good one! It’s a website named “my Picturetown” which allows anyone to upload up to 2 GB of images for free. It’s very easy to share images with friends and family and its certainly a lot easier than other programs that I have used.

I would highly recommend that you check it out:

Nikon my Picturetown

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