Who am I?

Man, that’s a loaded question! Yet, this is the same question I asked myself as I looked at my career… Have I found programming Zen? Where will I be five years from now? Why does all code taste like chicken?

Along the coding path, I have met some really interesting people, worked on some exciting projects, worked on some really dull projects, and sought deep into my soul the persistent question of programming: have I found programming Zen?

Well, if you are looking for religion, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you are looking for answers, I could probably help you there. Some of the things that I have experienced, I wished someone else would have wrote about, so that I could see that there are people out there who were going through the same things that I did.That is the inspiration to why I write!

When I first started this website, I wanted to share my programming knowledge with other developers who may have difficultly finding answers to obscure problems. However, as the site matured, so too has the content.

Programmers are people too. You don’t think about it much, even if you are a programmer yourself, but there is a culture and lifestyle that we love and endure. Non-professional programmers don’t know it or understand it. Professional programmers feel it and may be lost or confused. You may not feel neither of those emotions and that’s okay. What I have seen and gone through is stuff that other people should know about. So it is those experiences, along with the developer bits and bytes, that I am going to share with you.


So what do you do?

If you really want to know… I’m a C++ programmer. There it is. I said it! That’s what I do most of the time. The other times, I’m coding in Objective-C, or C. Like any other developer, I do some shell scripting, sometimes AppleScript and even some JavaScript here and there. But mostly I do C++.


So now what?

Read and code away. Do some fancy Math! Participate and tell me your story. I love reading other developer blogs and enjoy reading how other people paint their stories. So enjoy the site and happy coding!


-Jaime Rios


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