Windows disk space analyzer


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So, if you need a good program to show you where your disk space is being used, in Windows, check out Space Sniffer

Perforce and Xcode5


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In a previous post, Perforce and Xcode4, I created applescripts to work with Xcode4 and Perforce.

I updated the AppleScripts to work with Xcode5 only and added a couple of new scripts.

One, called p4_file_renamed.scpt, is used to update the renamed file Perforce when you are using Xcodes rename functionality, either directly or through the refactor functionality.

The other two scripts get the filename of the currently selected file or the full path of the file which is useful for when you want to find a file by path in P4V.

You can download the file here: xcode5_p4_applescripts

Preventing clang from examinging file during static analysis


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Kick ass compiler!

Ok, so if you want to avoid a file from being analyzed during a static analysis, you can use the following example
#ifndef __clang_analyzer__
// code clang should not analyze

Perforce and Xcode4


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I created some AppleScripts that allow you to control some basic Perforce functionality in Xcode4, which was lost when Apple released the latest version of their IDE.

Perforce actually published a way of checking out files using the Behaviors functionality in Xcode (Xcode and P4), but I wanted a little more.

Note, these scripts are a work in progress. If you happen to make improvements, let me know so that those changes can be shared with the community.

You can download the AppleScripts here: xcode_p4_applescripts

The AppleScript files are also being hosted on the public Perforce swarm forum, located here: Perforce Public Swarm Server

Update 2013-11-06
I updated the AppleScripts to work with Xcode5 only and added a couple of new scripts.

The new applescript files are referenced in post Perforce and Xcode5

A note about performance


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On a multi-core Mac, running 10.8, I ran a test to compare the speed differences of incrementing or decrementing a value with no-locks, atomics and finally, a mutex lock.

The no-lock is the baseline, and here is the difference in speed with the later 2 items:
Atomics: 3X slower on the same thread
Mutex: 7X slower on the same thread


Automating Instruments


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I actually automate Instruments to get finer grain information of what an application is actually doing.

To automated Instruments, according to Apple’s documentation, all you need is the DTPerformanceSession.framework… but, you actually need more than that, and you have to find where the dependencies are located.

Here are all of the libraries you need:

And here is where they are located:

Bitten by ImageIO and libTIFF


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I had a project I worked on where I couldn’t debug my Application with Xcode 4.5 because there was a conflict between the libTIFF I was using in one of my modules and the copy of libTIFF included with the ImageIO framework.

It turns out that the two libTIFF libraries were actually different, so, for the small test project I created, I decided to statically link in the code I needed from libTIFF so that dlopen wouldn’t supplant the copy of libTIFF ImageIO needed with my copy.


Spread the love


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When was the last time you gave the Internet a great big hug? Seriously. Think about it… you love the Internet 🙂

Google C++ Testing Framework and C++11


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I’ve been using Google’s C++ Testing Framework for some time now, but as soon as I tried to use C++11 in Xcode, I was met with some issues about the tuple header file not being found.

Unfortunately for me, that means I had to leave that header out of my project using the following option:

Finding the “file in use” culprit in Mac OS X


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Thank to a tip at MacWorld, I was able to find out what process was locking a file I wanted to delete.

lsof | grep [whatever]