Perforce and Xcode5

In a previous post, Perforce and Xcode4, I created applescripts to work with Xcode4 and Perforce. I updated the AppleScripts to work with Xcode5 only and added a couple of new scripts. One, called p4_file_renamed.scpt, is used to update the renamed file Perforce when you are using Xcodes rename functionality, either directly or through the …

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Perforce and Xcode4

I created some AppleScripts that allow you to control some basic Perforce functionality in Xcode4, which was lost when Apple released the latest version of their IDE. Perforce actually published a way of checking out files using the Behaviors functionality in Xcode (Xcode and P4), but I wanted a little more. Note, these scripts are …

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Automating Instruments

I actually automate Instruments to get finer grain information of what an application is actually doing. To automated Instruments, according to Apple’s documentation, all you need is the DTPerformanceSession.framework… but, you actually need more than that, and you have to find where the dependencies are located. Here are all of the libraries you need: DTInstrumentsCP.framework …

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