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Apple announces iCloud

Jaime 2011-06-08 2 Comments What's New ,

Apple announced the iCloud service and for someone like me, this is a great service. For a while, I have been battling with the problem of having access to common data on multiple computers, whether that be documents, calendaring information, or other documents from multiple computers. Having access to that data without having to rely […]

Using TimeMachine with Netatalk server… again

Jaime 2009-08-22 No Comments What's New , , , , ,

Ha! I bought a new computer and with it, the pain of having to recreate a new TimeMachine backup on my FreeBSD server. This time, I didn’t feel like creating a sparsebundle image on a local disk and copying it to my server. Why should I? I have plenty of space on the servers. So, […]

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