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Haversine formula now on GitHub

The C implementation of the Haversine formula I ported from Javascript is now hosted on GitHub. The project from this website is now up on GitHub for anyone to view. I also plan to do some updates to the code since C++14 has been out and has a lot of good features to add.

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I’m surprised what people find interesting on my website. The most popular post is actually the Haversine formula page. Thinking about it, that whole process was a real pain in the butt to implement, so I can see that if someone else had to do it, that I could actually save them some time and […]

Calculating distance between 2 points on Earth using the Haversine formula

2016 Update The code and the Xcode project for this article is now also available on GitHub. A while ago, I worked on a project where I had to implement code in C/C++ that could calculate the distance between 2 locations within the United States. It would be nice if the Earth was flat, since […]