Finding the “file in use” culprit in Mac OS X


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Thank to a tip at MacWorld, I was able to find out what process was locking a file I wanted to delete.

lsof | grep [whatever]

Enabling PHP5 on Mac OS X


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Thanks to for this tutorial!

Cool window tool for Mac OS X


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Here is a tool that allows you to do some cool things with the windows in Mac OS X: moom

List open files


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On the Mac OS, if you need to know what files are open and by what application and on what disk, you can use the lsof command in Terminal.

Pair that command with grep and you can isolate things like this:

lsof | grep "Snow Leopard"

This will show you what files are open that have “Snow Leopard” in the name.

Important command to demangle C++ code in your pasteboard


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Cool command line I can run from DTerm on the contents in my clipboard, outputted from Xcode:

pbpaste | c++filt | mate

This command will take my clipboard contents, which were originally created from Xcode, pass that to the c++filt command and then create a new file in TextMate with the resulting contents.

Hey… where’d you go?


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A co-worker of mine had trouble debugging his library in Xcode.

For some strange reason, GDB would not stop at any of his breakpoints.

He did the usual printf and NSLog to see if the code was even being called, and sure enough… it was.

The only way he was able to fix it was to change the debug format from DRAWF to DRAWF with dSYM.

I don't know why this works...

Change the debug format to DRAWF with dSYM


How to stop Nikon Transfer 2 autoload


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Ok, now why does iPhoto want to launch Nikon's Transfer 2 anyway?
This is one of those things that has been really bugging me.

I know it bugs other people but they have given up trying to figure out a solution.

I have to hand it to the nikonians for showing me how to stop this problem on my computer.

This trick may or may not work for you, so good luck!

Pop-up dictionary


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It helps to have a dictionary pop-up on the fly

I found this tip from, where you can get a pop-up dictionary window in Mac OS X by clicking Command+Control+D while hovering the cursor over a word.

I found though that this does’t work with every application, like in Google Chrome when I’m editing a blog entry, but almost every other application seems to allow it.

Weird EXC_BAD_ACCESS error with NSPopAutoreleasePool


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Recently I worked on a project that had a NIB and XIB in it and for some strange reason I was getting a EXC_BAD_ACCESS error message in GDB with NSPopAutoReleasepool being the culprit. The best part about the problem was that the only indicator I had for the call stack was was four question marks ‘????’. That didn’t make too much sense.

Luckily, I came across this posting on cocoadev: click here

The point to the article was how to intelligently look at the error and get a call stack from code that is normally hidden from you in Cocoa. This article shows you how to turn on those extra debugging options so that you can figure out where you are causing the problem.

In my case, I was double-free-ing an object that was already being handled by NSAutoreleasePool.

Envy no more


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I’m currently working on a website and like any website, it needs graphics. I was checking out some websites that have awesome icons, like CruxTech and Panic and I envy the cool tools that exist for Windows for making icons. One of those programs is Axialis IconWorkshop. 

This Windows only application looks really cool and appears to make icon editing a breeze. However, I work on a Mac and I wanted something similar to this. I could not believe that I couldn’t find anything similar to this till now! 

I came across a program named Art Text 2 from BeLight Software. This app so far has proved to be an easy to use program that allows me to create exceptional icons.


Now, why am I talking about this program on my webblog? Here’s why: I’ve spent so much time looking for an easy to use program that allows me to create great icons that I find it only necessary to let as many people as possible know about this program.

Give it a try. Let me know what you think. If you know of anything better out there, let me know.

Happy coding!