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Perforce and Xcode5

Jaime 2013-11-06 3 Comments Tools , , ,

In a previous post, Perforce and Xcode4, I created applescripts to work with Xcode4 and Perforce. I updated the AppleScripts to work with Xcode5 only and added a couple of new scripts. One, called p4_file_renamed.scpt, is used to update the renamed file Perforce when you are using Xcodes rename functionality, either directly or through the […]

Checking out a file in Perforce using Xcode’s 4 behaviors

Jaime 2012-07-27 1 Comment Coding , , ,

Perforce published a knowledge base article on how to use Xcode’s built in behaviors to check out a file: Automatically checking out files for edit in Xcode 4.3 This is nifty and similar to an article I saw posted on stackoverflow by user Mark Thalman. Update I actually have AppleScripts that will do some of […]

Xcode Script Menu and P4

Jaime 2011-06-06 No Comments Coding , , ,

Here is another way that I am able to check out a file using the Xcode Script Menu and a keyboard hot key: ?View Code BASH#!/bin/sh # This shell script checks out the current file from Perforce   # Get the file’s path components FULL_FILE_PATH="%%%{PBXFilePath}%%%" SRC_FILE=${FULL_FILE_PATH##*/} FILE_PATH=${FULL_FILE_PATH%/*}   # This line brings in my settings […]

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