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Creating a remote from an already existing depo

Today, I created a remote depo, so that I can use the DVCS functionality in P4 with one of my projects. First, I connected to my perforce server and typed: $p4 remotes To see all of the remotes that were on the server. Before doing this command you have to type: $p4 login Which thankfully, […]

How to install Perforce DVCS

Introduction For 9 years now, I’ve used Perforce; before that, it was MKD, Subversion, VisualSourceSafe, CVS and a few others. In the past year, I used Git. One cool thing that Git has that Perforce didn’t have was being able to save your changes while not being connected to a central server. However, Perforce recently […]

Using P4Plugin with Jenkins to publish assets

I was previously using the Perforce Plugin in Jenkins to handle my tasks with Perforce, including adding files that needed to be released from a build, but in the past year, I’ve experienced some weirdness that lead me to evaluate the P4Plugin by Perforce. All of the weirdness that I saw in the prior plugin […]

Xcode plugin for Perforce

I use Perforce as my version control system and Xcode as my IDE. Unfortunately, Apple removed Perforce support from Xcode a whiles back for reasons unknown. So, to work around the problem, I started to use of DTerm… but I wanted more. I created AppleScripts for both Xcode4 and Xcode5 which was better, but… I […]

Aaaargh! Stop auto substituting my text!

Ugh! I’ve been running into problems with my Jenkins scripts that would fail when attempting to run my p4 commands, because the three periods I inserted into the p4 command were automatically converted to an ellipsis by MacOSX, which is not a good thing: Three dots are automatically changed to an ellipsis

Perforce and Xcode4

I created some AppleScripts that allow you to control some basic Perforce functionality in Xcode4, which was lost when Apple released the latest version of their IDE. Perforce actually published a way of checking out files using the Behaviors functionality in Xcode (Xcode and P4), but I wanted a little more. Note, these scripts are […]

Checking out a file in Perforce using Xcode’s 4 behaviors

Perforce published a knowledge base article on how to use Xcode’s built in behaviors to check out a file: Automatically checking out files for edit in Xcode 4.3 This is nifty and similar to an article I saw posted on stackoverflow by user Mark Thalman. Update I actually have AppleScripts that will do some of […]

Code review time

Right now, I’m reviewing code I copied into my own code branch (p4) and I’m finding that I’m doing something I thought I’d never do. I’m actually lining up functions and parameters into columns. I have to admit, it’s much easier to read code this way then when code is all smushed together. Now, I […]

I don’t get enough sleep, thanks to git

I don’t know why I do such things. I didn’t go to bed till midnight cause I was checking out git 😉 I installed git on my Mac, which was rather easy using the installer, and started to play with it. I’m actually curious to see how this will work for me, compared to Perforce […]

Xcode 3.1, Perforce and Scripts

In my previous post, I showed how you can leverage AppleScript to check out a file or a project that resides on a Perforce server. The reason for this is that Xcode 3.x does not work well with Perforce. Now, I figured out how to do this with the build in scripts menu in Xcode. […]