Steve Jobs 1955-2011

It saddens me to read about the passing of Steve Jobs, who had been battling cancer since 2004.

Last night, Steve Jobs passed away, leaving a legacy that has affected so many people in a positive way.

Steve Jobs is more than the products he saw delivered during his helm at Apple, NeXT or Pixar. He is the man who kept his ideals close to him and would not compromise his vision for anything less than perfection.

He is an inspiration to so many of us in the same field, reminding us that we should be happy with what we do, being able to look ourselves in the mirror and know that we will live today as if it were our last.

With the words he spoke at the commencement speech in 2005, at Stanford University, he reminded me to keep my core ideals close. To live true to myself.

Importantly, this reminded me that I should stay the path towards programming Zen.

Steve, thank you for your time on this earth… for making a difference to many people.

You will be so dearly missed.

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