File managers

For the longest time, the only file manager I used on the Mac was the Finder.

I was fine with that and I never thought of needing another program.

My co-worker though uses a program named PathFinder by CocoaTech. After seeing it in action, I thought it would be a great tool for organizing my project files and it does make finding files faster and easier.

So, when I started doing more PC work for my current project, I wanted something similar to PathFinder cause the Windows Explorer is only so-so.

Well, the closest I got to PathFinder was a program called xplorer2 by It’s actually very useful, and my current file organizer on my workstation.

Although it is very helpful, I wouldn’t say that it’s complete: it’s missing a few features that I like in PathFinder, like right-clicking on a file and being able to copy the full path. However, for everything else, it’s better than the Windows Explorer.

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