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Creating writting made easier…

So what is new? Something old actually. English is what I am referring to and I have found a new way to think about the written word!

My wife picked up some stuff at the local pharmacy and with that stuff there was a copy of ‘Mac Life’, a magazine dedicated to all things Macintosh for the people who use Macintosh at home. It was cool that my wife was thinking of me, and it was even cooler when I found out about a program called Scrivener.

This program is for helping people write. It is not like Microsoft Word. It is not a Word processor. Instead, it is a thought organizer, helping your piece together the normally disconnected pieces of research, sticky pads, etchings, website bookmarks, etc, etc, etc… You get the idea. Now… How useful is this product? Very! I have been using it to write my articles and it even has the capability of exporting my articles to HTML or even Microsoft Word!

I suggest that anyone who needs a tool that will help them organize their thoughts into the written word should look at this tool. At 35 dollars you really can’t go wrong!

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