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The iPhone development continues

I’m having the darn-est time with this UIPickerView thing.

I created a table view that has 4 rows. Two of the rows bring up a custom picker view, one row is a toggle switch control and the last is a text field.

The last two controls work fine, but the UIPickerView does not. What happens is that when the control comes up, all of the values are there, but the wheel is not responding to any gestures.

I already read the documentation provided by Apple on this control, so now, I’m doing the usual thing to troubleshoot this problem: look at sample code, read some newsgroups, Google, “My UIPickerView is not responding to gestures”, and I see other individuals having problems, but not the same thing that I am having.

So, what’s the solution? Well I don’t have one… yet. When I do… I’ll blog it.

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