Sporting a new look

Aha! As you may have noticed, this website is sporting a new look! When I first started out, I was using Aptana, a great IDE that I have been using for JavaScript/Web development that has professional features and is free.

Aptana IDE Dashboard

You’ll especially love this tool if you are a JavaScript developer: it has Code Complete, which shows a drop down list of functions or classes, depending on the context of the code, a JavaScript Debugger which actually works, code snippets and much much more.

Now I am not trying to sell you on this development tool, just convey to you how much I loved it. However, being the lazy developer that I am, pressed for time, I took the lazy way out. Instead of coding a PHP site with a PostgreSQL backend, I coded my articles by hand. I first used Scrivener to work on my articles and then exported them to Aptana, where I would clean up the code to match my website.

Although easy, it got old pretty quickly! There are a lot of tools out there that could make my life easier and this one was recommended to me by a devout Mac fanatic. After some typing and experimenting, I decided to use this tool as the article manager of choice.

So, if anything, I would recommend this tool if you are looking for a good blog engine. However, if you happen to be looking for a better JavaScript editor with debugging tools, then you definitely have to check out Aptana!

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